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Can I Check Myself into a Mental Hospital Without Insurance?

Can I Check Myself into a Mental Hospital Without Insurance?

Mental illness is a common cause for individuals to seek treatment in a specific hospital that has the education, training, and treatment options for each individual. However, many of these patients don’t have health insurance, and if they do, not every policy covers mental health care. If this applies to you, you might be thinking, “Can I Check Myself Into A Mental Hospital Without Insurance?”

Therapy does not require a proper diagnosis. More significantly, you should never avoid obtaining critical mental health care because of a lack of insurance coverage. If you don’t have health insurance, there are several options for receiving the help you want without going broke.

Affordable Therapy Options without Insurance

If you don’t have coverage, or if your insurance won’t cover the therapy you seek. You may be questioning how to pay for what might be an expensive session. The best part is that there are several services and resources given to make counseling and mental health care more affordable. Some alternatives may even be free.

Online options 

Consider internet counseling if you do not have insurance for mental health care. Because of COVID-19, online treatment has shifted. Previously, many individuals were unable to attend counseling due to the requirement to get time off from work. 

Now,  Adults can now get treatment during their lunch break. Therapists who previously just provided in-person counseling are now giving internet sessions at a lesser rate.

Non-Profit Options

Harm Reduction Center is a private healthcare facility that provides highly individualized service to our clients. We are state-licensed through DCF and AHCA. Which allows us to treat those with substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders. We believe that everyone should be able to afford treatment. 

Employee Assistance Programs

Some companies provide mental health benefits to their employees through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Employees have free access to these perks since they are paid for by their employers. Information about EAP benefit choices can be found in your employee handbook or through your hr department.

There is generally a cap to how many free EAP privileges an employee may obtain in a given year. Your company may have negotiated lower out-of-pocket costs for continued care from mental healthcare experts who provide EAP services.

The Cost Of Therapy 

Before insurance, the average cost of therapy is $100 – $250 for each session. Online counseling sessions are generally less expensive than in-person therapy, based on your requirements and aspirations. And the cost varies based on where you reside. For example, therapy may be more expensive in other states. 

The degree, background, and specialization of the mental health professional. As well as the length of the session, may all factor into therapist fees. Normally sessions take 45-50 minutes. Some can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as 90 minutes or more.

Risks of a Mental Hospital Without Insurance

The expense of going to a mental hospital without insurance can be detrimental. Car insurance, for instance, helps to defray expenses in the case of an accident. If you require therapy, even for mental health, your health insurance will cover it.

Overnight care in a hospital, nursing home, or residential treatment center can run more than $1,000 per day. Extra fees for regular follow-up care, prescriptions, and commuting to and from essential office appointments.

Paying any significant portion of these fees out of pocket without assistance is out of most Americans’ means. 

Considerably beyond the capabilities of most uninsured individuals to cover. Sometimes it’s better to pay a predetermined monthly amount rather than a huge price at each session. 

Nevertheless, we accept a wide range of insurance policies at HARC, under certain health insurance plans. You may be able to get reimbursement for up to 100% of the cost. Please fill out this verification form on our website to find out how much coverage your insurance plan offers.

Financial Help For Prescription Medications

How to Get Prescription Medicine  Financial Assistance:

  • Needy Meds is an organization that may be able to aid you in receiving your drugs.
  • When you don’t have the financial means to pay for your meds, contact Partnership for Prescription Assistance by calling 1-888-477-2669 or visiting their website.

Living With Mental Health 

Unmet mental health needs affect tens of millions of individuals. While many illnesses are quite minor and controllable, many others can cause significant disruption and may be fatal. Depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia are all major risk factors for suicide, as are drug and alcohol addiction.

Many individuals with mental health disorders fall behind in their employment, family life, and self-care routines. This can even pose a threat to themselves or others if they are not addressed. People brought to medical emergency rooms, involuntary drug addiction treatment, and incarceration frequently have neglected mental illnesses.

Don’t Go Another Day Without Help

If you have a mental health condition or know those who do. It is imperative that you take the necessary actions to address the condition as quickly as possible. Many people experience mental health illnesses and don’t know what to do or where to turn. The good news is that the correct mental health treatment center may assist, and you will notice instant benefits.

Again, you should never avoid seeking mental health services because you think you can’t afford them. Remember that you have options.