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Mental Health: A Global Crisis

Mental Health: A Global Crisis

The Global Crisis

What is a global crisis? A global crisis involves events such as war, economic decline, pandemics, or extreme natural events that affect all countries. This affects the globe in economic, social, cultural, political, and many other ways. The month of September saw thousands of Haitian refugees seeking asylum and safety. This was driven by political and economic instability in their country. Prior to this, Afgan citizens found themselves living in fear and uncertainty under a new regime. While those who had the opportunity to escape found didn’t have it so easy either. They found themselves in new lands facing unfamiliar and potentially unwelcoming residents’ cultural practices, and language. But, how does this explain how mental health is a global crisis? 

Current conversations and aid efforts seek to address immediate needs such as housing, food, first aid, and access to physical resources. However, mental health seems to be an afterthought, if a thought at all. Organizations providing aid would be negligent if they do not begin to address these issues. This includes trauma, generational trauma, and learned behaviors, adjustment, isolation, and grief or loss. Especially with what these people have had to endure, these feelings will manifest in these communities. Without proper mental help or guidance, this will be the determining factor whether the individual heals and reforms or continues to suffer. 

These events have played out on the global stage. To such an extent that their effects cannot be isolated to the people or places in which they occur. 

The Humanitarian Crisis

For many of us, all we can do is watch helplessly from across the globe. Watching the almost constant media coverage of death, violence, inequality, natural disaster, and illness faced by the world’s citizens can feel unbearable. With the amount of negative news coverage we are constantly exposed to, it is easy to find ourselves passing over this coverage with the simple turn of a page. However, for those who can do no more than observe, helplessness and fear can present themselves in severe and debilitating ways. 

Watching negative story after negative without being able to help can cause mental health issues such as; generalized anxiety, depression, phobias, paranoia, and post-traumatic stress. A crisis that has completely shaken the entire world is COVID-19. Sadly, we are still dealing with effects two years later. The global pandemic has affected the world in so many ways. Widespread job loss, severe isolation, anxiety, and grief from the immense amount of loss are only the beginning of the emotional distress the pandemic has caused. 

Following the lock-down response to the pandemic and the negative effect on citizens, government and private institutions are facing many challenges. One of these being addressing the mental health needs of people struggling to manage their mental wellness. 

Help for the Mental Health Global Crisis

There are a number of organizations currently seeking to address the mental health needs of citizens globally. This including prevention, management, and treatment for mental health disorders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental, neurological, and substance use disorders account for more than 10% of the global disease burden. Furthermore, more than 75% of people with mental disorders receive no treatment at all for their disorder.

This is why WHO is taking action to address issues of access and affordability to mental healthcare services on a global scale. Other organizations taking action are the United Nations (UN) and the World Psychiatric Association (WPA). Their aim is to provide accessible and culturally appropriate mental health services to communities across the globe. These efforts, in conjunction with directed community action, strive to provide the services needed to support appropriate and long-term mental health management for citizens all over the world. 

Doing Our Part

At Harm Reduction Center in South Florida, we know how important it is for those of us battling with mental health to receive proper help. Dealing with a mental illness is scary and seems like you’re alone, however, this is far from the truth. At Harm, we strive to make our clients feel safe and supported, not only through treatment but after as well. We provide a healthcare facility that provides highly individualized service to each and every client. This is because we know treatment should look different for every individual. If you are ready to take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow, contact the Harm Reduction Center today.