Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, most commonly referred to as IOP, combines evidence-based addiction treatment plans to help you on your walk to freedom. Our IOP clients are empowered to begin the steps towards complete independence. IOP clients will spend their time in individual counseling and group therapy, but will also be able to reintegrate into the community. They will engage in activities like the search for meaningful employment opportunities, developing aftercare plans, and overall planning of the next steps on their path to revival. Outside of finding work and further planning, our clients can be found learning and practicing mindfulness meditation, anger management, relapse prevention, and much much more.

Freedom With Accountability

Aside from a new level of independence, clients who graduate or are transferred to our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program will build an even closer relationship with their licensed mental health and behavioral health counselor. They will be under regular clinical supervision in order to better track and analyze their outcomes and growth. Our clients will also have the benefit of a medical and clinical staff that engages in multidisciplinary team meetings which aim to create an interconnected understanding of the progress, strengths and potential weaknesses of their customized plan of care. Weaknesses will be addressed with recommendations and adjustments in order to provide our clients with the most effective and holistic care they can receive.

You’re Not Alone

IOP clients are paired with a professionally trained aftercare case manager who is responsible for helping them prepare for a sober life after rehab. Their duties include assisting IOP clients enter in school or reenter the workforce. The goal is to find a niche in the local recovery community where they can continue to enrich their lives in sober housing and find fulfillment.

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