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Partial Hospitalization Treatment vs Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Treatment vs Intensive Outpatient Treatment

When exploring options for drug addiction treatment, the roles of Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) come into the picture. These two methods of treatment are critical to the success of a client overcoming drug addiction. However, if you are unsure about what the differences are between these two options, continue to read this article. We will address and explain the contrast between PHP and IOP.

What is PHP?

A Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP is a process in which the patient does not spend full time or live in a rehab hospital. The patient attends the program nearly every day, for 8 hours a day for recovery and rehabilitation purposes. This option is the closest to the residential recovery process. 

Who is PHP Best For?

It is a partial hospitalization program that is ideal for a client with a less severe addiction problem. If the client’s addiction is severe, PHP is not recommended. However, if the client is unable to commit to inpatient treatment it is the next best option. For example,

  • The patient has already completed the residential recovery process but is not ready for outpatient care and needs to have more support from the rehabilitation staff. The client can utilize this kind of help when the client feels that they are still susceptible to relapsing.
  • The patient may be a good candidate for PHP if they feel responsible enough to control impulses and make good decisions without 24/7 supervision. 

Benefits of PHP

This technique is particularly helpful because you can receive access to all the benefits of inpatient treatment. Group therapy, family therapy, and additional time to work on co-occurring disorders if necessary are all available. With this method, you can learn to continue your regular life by residing in your home while getting the proper treatment as well. With this program, you can enjoy the comfort of your home while accessing the benefits of in-patient treatment. 

PHP is a moderate and suitable solution that greatly reduces the chances of a patient falling victim to relapsing. 

How Frequently Should You Visit a Rehab Center for PHP Treatment?

Treatment is typically 5-6 days a week for up to 8 hours a day. As the client works through the program, the team will adjust and shorten the length and frequency of the program until successful completion.

What is IOP?

Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is an addiction treatment that also does not require the client to spend full time or live in a rehab center. This program requires patients to attend treatment for even less time than the PHP option. Treatment can be 3-5 days a week for a few hours each time.

Who is IOP best for?

Intensive Outpatient Programs are ideal for clients who have successfully completed a more intensive program like residential treatment. Many clients use this as a transitional form of care when they graduate from a residential program and need guidance as they re-enter regular sober life.

IOP is also suitable for clients who may have recently relapsed and need to get their recovery back on track. This is a great option for clients to regain sobriety without the time commitment and 24/7 supervision. 

Clients who choose IOP treatment need to be responsible enough to attend all scheduled meetings and therapies. They should have a genuine commitment to recovery, as well as, job or family commitments. The client should also reside in a stable, drug-free environment.

  • Are exposed to an unstable or triggering home environment.
  • Are facing an increase in cravings and losing confidence that you can remain sober. 
  • Experiencing frequent relapses. 
  • Are sober and just need ongoing support. 

How Frequently Should You Visit a Rehab Center for IOP Treatment?

Treatment is typically 3-5 days a week for up to 3 hours a day. As the client works through the program, the treatment team will adjust and shorten the length and frequency of the program until successful completion.

Benefits of IOP

Intensive Outpatient treatment is helpful for those who need to remain employed or committed to their family at home while still receiving high-quality evidence-based therapy. IOP is a great option because it allows the client’s family to be involved and support the treatment process. Another great benefit is that IOP is a more affordable option in comparison. Lastly, IOP is a discrete option for those who need to keep their treatment private.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Treatment vs Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment – Which Is Best? 

One treatment isn’t necessarily better than the other. The deciding factor depends upon the severity of the addiction or where the client is on their recovery journey. The consideration of other factors includes lifestyle, restraint, and more.

It is worth mentioning that no matter which technique you use for rehabilitation purposes, your self-control plays a vital role in keeping you safe. Both of these techniques are designed for anyone who is ready to commit to sobriety long-term. 

Looking For The Centre Providing Both PHP and IOP? 

Harm Reduction Center is a private Healthcare facility that offers PHP, IOP, and more for addiction treatment. The experts at Harm Reduction Centre believe that recovery should be different for everyone and will work to guide you to a sober life. If you still have questions about the different methods of treatment for drug addiction, please contact us today.