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Outpatient Treatment for Mental Health in Florida

Whether it’s anxiety or depression, your mental health plays a vital role in your everyday life. During a time of crisis or pandemic, elevated stress levels have a direct effect on mental health. 

To cope properly, many people use exercise or relaxation to improve mental health. However, there are instances for people with underlying mental conditions where these strategies are not as effective. Here are some ways to identify when outpatient mental health treatment is the best option for your circumstance.

What is Outpatient Treatment for a Mental Health Disorder?

Outpatient mental health treatment is a broad term for any treatment performed in a hospital, clinic, or office where an overnight stay is not required. Outpatient treatment offers flexibility for people with a dedicated professional or personal life.

Moreover, this form of treatment serves as a transitioning tool for individuals exiting inpatient treatment. Unlike inpatient treatment, the patient returns home every night after outpatient treatment.

What are Common Mental Health Disorders That Require Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment works well for patients with mild to moderate mental health symptoms. For example, anxiety or depression is well-suited for outpatient treatment. More serious conditions such as bipolar or psychotic disorders require outpatient treatment, but these conditions usually need the addition of medication and therapy.

What Can be Expected in an Outpatient Program?

An outpatient treatment program is tailored to the needs of the individual patient. The severity of the mental health condition shapes the treatment process. In most cases, the program starts with a full evaluation of the condition followed by up to six hours of treatment per day.

The outpatient treatment is conveniently scheduled around work or family commitments to ensure a balanced work-life balance.

What Types of Medications Supplement an Outpatient Program?

Medication is used in combination with therapy for mental health conditions. From panic attacks to mood swings, medication is prescribed to help treat a specific mental health condition. Common mental health medications include antidepressants, anti-anxiety, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics.

What Therapies are Available?

Outpatient programs deliver customized treatment plans and therapies created to complement the individual needs of the patient. Therapy for mental health conditions includes individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, group or family therapy, dialectical behavior therapy or DBT, interpersonal therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy or EMDR.

What Holistic Options are Available?

Yoga and meditation are valuable holistic options to assist outpatient mental health treatment. These alternatives help clear the mind and help relieve stress with simple breathing and concentration. Balanced nutrition and a healthy diet help improve physical well-being and mental health. Exercise for 30 minutes a day also provides a holistic option to reduce stress and improve mental health.

What is the Next Step After Outpatient Treatment?

After outpatient treatment, patients should follow a structured daily routine to help keep stress levels low. It is crucial for treatment to strictly follow any daily prescribed medication dosage and complete all scheduled meetings. Outpatient treatment requires regular contact with the designated care providers to help the patient achieve optimal mental health.

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Therapy for Mental Health in Florida?

Outpatient treatment helps patients manage daily responsibilities and offers better ways to cope with the individual stressors of day to day life. Outpatient treatment is more affordable than inpatient treatment and it helps the patient maintain a better relationship with family members inside the home.

Treatment and therapy work best for individuals with a dependable support system at home. This type of program is well-suited for individuals with a high independence level and a structured daily routine. For outpatient therapy for mental health in Florida, Contact Us!