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A Letter From Our CEO

A Letter From Our CEO

To all those who have helped with spreading Harm Reduction awareness,

I want to take the time to acknowledge the hard work and dedication to something larger than any one individual can accomplish. As the treatment landscape is ever-growing and changing, we are at the forefront of bringing Harm Reduction into that landscape. We continue to hone this craft and integrate Harm Reduction into the South Florida treatment model. Nevertheless, we will be faced with continued opposition. As well as, potential disdain for the very thing we stand for.

I want to encourage everyone to remember, no one individual is more or less deserving of a chance. A chance at happiness and a chance at fulfillment. Our job here at HARC is not to dictate others’ recovery, but to support their journey. Supporting each step to the very best of our ability with their version of recovery. Everyone’s version of recovery may differ, and each person may prioritize things differently. However, here at HARC, we hold a duty to respect and honor our clients’ individuality and personhood. Not only have we created something new, and something effective, but we have created something that we fully stand behind.

I appreciate your time and dedication to making HARC the future of recovery.


Kevin Choi
Chief Executive Officer
Harm Reduction Center