At the Harm Reduction Center we know and value the importance of aftercare services, especially during the first year post-rehab when the risk of relapse is more likely. The implementation of our aftercare program is an evidence based “best practice” that aims to continue empowering and maintain freedom from addiction. Our program emphasizes a strong system of support that is there to help our clients not only prevent a relapse, but to continue fostering the self-love and worth that each of our clients will have gained while at the Harm Reduction Center.

Our program is available to our clients not only within the first year of recovery, but for as long as our clients choose to continue growing from the connection of our open-minded and caring staff. Our aftercare programs include:

  • Peer support and interaction
  • Continuing education events
  • Community activities
  • Continuous and scheduled follow-up with our aftercare team
  • Service Opportunities

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