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When it comes to incriminating addicts, this country does so in shocking numbers. It has been estimated that almost 90 percent of crimes committed are related to some addiction. This lands addicts in a criminal justice system that is mostly counter-intuitive to the success of someone with an addiction. The financial and emotional stress caused by legal troubles can keep someone with addiction in a situation that makes it difficult to secure and maintain gainful employment, housing, and even get loans. All of this can incentivize someone to keep using or drinking to cope with added stress from the courts.

The Harm Reduction Center Team has seen, firsthand, how these unresolved legal troubles can affect how an individual succeeds in recovery. The research shows that keeping clients motivated, engaged, and on-track are the main predictors of long-term success in recovery. However, when a client enters treatment without assurance that their legal issues are being competently attended to, we have seen this motivation, engagement, and retention in treatment decrease and the rate of success drops.

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What Is the Court Liaison Program?

Harm Reduction Center understands the necessity of this program and the weight held on the success of a client’s treatment, by which is the main objective of freedom from your addiction. The research shows that the longer a client stays in treatment, the better the outcome of success in recovery. The HARC Team also wants to establish a sense of security in that they don’t have to worry about not staying fully engaged in their treatment plan. That is why the HARC Team developed the HARC Court Liaison Program. The HARC Court Liaison Program is available to every client who needs it, included with your care. 

The Program starts before treatment when HARC Case Managers are assessing clients needs and starting the framework on how to work with the client, their attorney, and healthcare provider in providing management of their legal problems. While a client is in treatment, legal issues may arise. In that regard, HARC Case Managers are available to meet with the client, their attorney, and any other legal representatives to help them stay on top of their legal issues during the course of their treatment.

Clients in the HARC Court Liaison Program receive a managed plan for their case that addresses the clients needs. Of which can include:

  • Probation agreements for attending an out-of-state treatment program 
  • Proving proof of medical necessity
  • Rescheduling/Postponing court dates
  • Handling/Responding to arrest warrants
  • Providing treatment documentation to requesting authority
  • Providing compliancy with a court-ordered treatment
  • Compliance with drug court and veteran’s treatment court requirements and appearances
  • Staff court appearances
  • Public defender and private attorney consultation
  • Attorney referrals
  • Facilitation of communication between multiple attorneys
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol assessment scheduling
  • Compliancy communication with probation officers, law enforcement and case workers to maintain compliance

At Harm Reduction Center, the HARC Court Liaison program is and integral part of a client’s treatment for those who need it. It spans the entire course of treatment, from admissions to clinical care decisions to aftercare and post-treatment plans. If a client is in a treatment program at HARC, we facilitate confidential meetings with legal representatives, and can transport clients to and from local court appearances. We can also facilitate video court proceedings for clients to go through.

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